In today’s volatile economy and rapidly evolving business environment, many organizations seek to engage their teams more effectively in focusing on strategic objectives. The compelling need to focus on the bottom line has resulted in some organizations being stymied by “siloism” (divisions focus on their individual success as opposed to overall organizational success). The Barthwell Group has developed a proprietary process to focus teams on the more efficient accomplishment of organizational objectives. 我们通过:

  • Enhancing Teambuilding / Team Engagement
  • 实施文化变革
  • 对付Siloism


We use a multi-step process to accomplish greater organizational cohesion:

  • 评估
    We conduct individual interviews with appropriate stakeholders using customized instruments in order to determine the key challenges impeding optimal communication and productivity within an organization. We often use multiple additional assessment tools to enhance our data collection, 比如听力课, 焦点小组, 气候调查, 以及在线调查.
  • 目标强化区
    由engaging stakeholders in facilitated forums, we ensure the identification of target areas which must be enhanced. This process results in collective “buy-in” which facilitates implementation of the strategies designed to facilitate cultural change.
  • 组织行动计划
    We engage stakeholders in structured planning sessions resulting in goals and objectives which must be implemented in order to improve the target enhancement areas.
  • 文化变革团队
    We work with the client to develop teams comprised of leaders at various levels of the organization (as well as high-potential employees who are not yet in leadership positions) in order to develop specific objectives and actions designed to accomplish the organizational objectives. This process engages stakeholders throughout the workforce to improve efficiency throughout the organization, thereby creating cultural change and greater organizational cohesion.


Creating Cultural Change to Enhance Efficiency at a 财富500强 公司


The Vice President of a large division of a 财富500强 公司担心, in spite of frequent staff meetings, “siloism” was impeding organizational focus and success. Team leaders focused on what was best for their teams, instead of considering how they could contribute to the Division. 士气低落. Although many people worked long hours to ensure the delivery of high quality services and products to the company, many felt that their contributions were not appreciated and that their Division lacked prestige. There were problems retaining young talent, and there was a lack of succession planning. The accomplishment of long-term strategic goals was frequently interrupted by “putting out fires.”


To develop a better understanding of the organization and its challenges, The Barthwell Group first conducted an assessment by interviewing a cross-section of the Vice President’s direct reports. We then organized a retreat with all of the Division’s senior management, and facilitated discussions where the assessment results were reviewed. 建立更强的团队精神, we included “getting to know you” ice breakers which made the experience interactive, 引人入胜的, 和有趣的.

Stakeholders identified six key areas where improvements needed to be made to improve the productivity of the Organization. After a series of meetings facilitated by The Barthwell Group with a Steering Committee comprised of senior management, three priority focus areas were identified with problem statements and preliminary milestone actions. We then worked with the Steering Committee to develop a comprehensive action plan to achieve enhancements in supplier productivity and accountability, 团队建设和团队参与, and brand enhancement and strategic alignment.

除了, Cultural Change teams were developed which engaged stakeholders at all levels of the Division. They developed many solutions to the organizational challenges, including new tools and programs designed to improve supplier performance, ensure greater consistency and efficiency in the procurement process, 增加保留, implement effective succession planning, articulate the Division’s brand internally and throughout the company, and increase the effectiveness of new business capture, 等.

The Barthwell Group worked closely with these teams to devise action plans, 测试的概念, 开发工具, and develop communications to share progress with the Division.